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Our goal is to make it possible for any organization to be able to afford a pool.

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Bad, bad, bad.
"I'm not going to the beach. I'm going to the surf."
Do you remember your first swimming pool? Coach Kevin tells the fish tank story.
Coach Kevin McCarthy shares a story, The Fish TankKevin, the inventor of the popular Agility swim paddle sold by Finis,[...]
Lane 1 vistor, a gator
Inflatable? Nope. Gator in the pool.Source:Thanks to FB post from Jill Rohrbacher Maggio of Mandeville, Louisiana, for the photo. Coach[...]
NJ getting set to reopen at 25%
NJ Proclamation, executive order no. 153
Can’t swim in the UK, yet
Frustration climbs, sadly.
Splash Mountain from Disney goes away — rethemed
News. Disney to Retheme Splash Mountain

Bad, bad, bad.

“I’m not going to the beach. I’m going to the surf.”

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