A sign of an old fashioned neighborhoods is a depth of gathering places, such as swim pools.


"... people congregate at the swimming pool."

Ken Gormley, a mayor of Forest Hills in Pennsylvania and professor of law at Duquesne University said he 
supports the new form of government (for the county) because "all these communities and little towns like us will have a chance to know each other and develop working relationships with the towns."

Notice the concept of Relationships!

Gormley said municipalities such as Forest Hills are interested in maintaining old-fashioned neighborhoods.

"We still have the annual Christmas tree and corn roast, and people congregate at the swimming pool."

Quote from TR, Sunday, March 28, 1999 on County Council candidates

Summary points:

  • People want old-fashioned neighborhoods.
  • People need places to congregate and build relationships.
  • Building, keeping, and using special places, such as swimming pools, makes sense.
  • Swimming pools are venues that bring benefits unmatched in other spaces for making stronger relationships. 
  • Ballfields, too, are great places for higher-level relationship building.

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