Ideas for a dream facility



The acoustics would have to be near perfect with sound-field amplification system. A four microphone worn by teachers, wireless, would be best.
The easy playing of CD's and tapes, without the instructor needing to turn his/her back to the students.

Students would be able to talk in the hall-ways without impacting upon the classroom spaces and other teaching centers, unlike Trees Hall at Pitt.

Wired and Wireless

There would be wall extensions for computers that are hooked up to the Internet and exercise machines.
A 48 inch, built-in, touch-screen for electronic books and Power Point presentations with hidden computers, VCRs, TV, teleconfrences and strongly built kiosks.

Infrastructure for some type of hand-held and/or wearable devices, such as Palm Pilots would be a nice.

Walls of Fire

There would be a climbing wall and a cargo nets for climbing. Plenty of pull-up bars, dip stations and other body-weight inclined stations.

The walls would have a Velcro strip for hanging posters, pictures and photos. Flip charts for past teams and archives would be in the entry halls and at high-spectator spaces.

Safety padding adorns the walls in and around each basketball hoop as well as other areas where high-speed traffic is possible.

Hooks and wires for banners would be built-into the ceilings and walls in every possible location.

Flat walls without heating vents or other stuff like emergency lights are going to allow for greatest actions in ball-sports.


There would be more than ample space for equipment/storage.
Ample filling system for portfolios would hold all the assessments and information on each child.


The floor would be stain resistant and the surface would be like aTartan, non skid material.
The floor would have different colored shapes (circles , lines , squares for formations ).


Plenty of basketball hoops and volleyball set ups with posts that fit into the floor.
Fitness equipment that comes out from the wall that opens up for station and circuit work and easily replaced.


There would be lights that are structured for safety and would never be dislodged. Recessed lights are best.
A lighting and signage lift, available for use by staff, would be on-site.

High lighting intensity settings are important for tv studio opportunities, high-speed filming and class-projects on video tape.

Sound system with speakers and all types of media inputs

Tape, CD, cordless microphones, record players, computer hook ups for the internet, jacks and Bluetooth for the sound system on all walls

Electrical outlets on every wall, even more on the long walls

Lines on the floor in different colors

Mid court, third of the court, 2/3 of the court, middle going lengthwise.

Circles, lines for basketball


Put the natural light real high for light but something covering so sun won't block


Pull up bars on walls. hanging ropes, traveling rings, TRX stations, cargo net, climbing wall.

Separate office from storage space with bathroom with shower

Office needs a refrigerator and phone


 set into the wall not out


Both for children, families and personal spaces for any gender. 

Video displays

behind wall or somewhere where you can get at it.

Bulletin board

Team records, news clips, schedules.

White boards for coaches.

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